Looking to retire?

Southwest Forida continues to offer numerous reasons to consider the area for reitrement. There are the obvious reasons such as beautiful weather. It’s far enough south that you won’t see snow in the winter. It’s in the 70s most of January and February with the occassional day in the 60s. Planning on staying for the summer? While the average temperature is five degrees warmer than Philadelphia, it has never reached 100 degrees, according to weather.com.

Southwest Florida offers thousands of condos and homes in gated communities where you can avoid doing your own yardwork. Want a pool? Most homes come with those in screened-in lanais. Are you a boater or golfer? Maybe you play tennis? The area offers everything you are looking for in those areas, as well.

Of course, then there’s the investment aspect. With home prices expected to bottom out in the next year, now is the time to consider buying a new home. While California was hit the hardest by the collapse of the housing market, Florida wasn’t far behind.

Fort Myers, located in Southwest Florida, has seen the average house drop 56 percent in value during the past five years. That large fall means two things. First is homes that may not have been affordable in 2006 are now in your price range. Second is if the values return to where they were when the market rebounds in the next decade, you could be looking at an incredible investment.

To talk about your options for buying in Southwest Florida, call an agent who is lisenced in Florida and possesses knowledge of the Naples/Bonita Springs/Fort Myers region. If you want one who has that but also lives in the Phildaelphia Metro area, meaning he can meet with you in person about buying in Florida and possibly listing your Pennsylvania home, then give me a call at 239-672-2599 or e-mail johndavis@johndavisrealty.com.


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